Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Does E-Mail Make You Lie More

Yes email does not make me lie more, any online type of communication does. But I dont see why email would make someone lie more, and I never herd of anything like this before.  If i were going to lie to someone I might aswell not even send the email. But thats just me

I dont think readers of email messages should be skeptical. Its unhealthy to think that everyone that is sending you an email is lying. Theres not much to this, people lie regardless if you are going to be so afraid of someone lying to you in an email, you might as well do the same thing in person.

Does this make me reconsider how I interact with others, no. People lie, you deal with people that lie all the time on the internet. To think one more person is going to make a difference is ridiculous. Thats just like asking if you are going to act differently in person if someone lied to you.

Yes I find this whole study to be truthful but just not for email. I have never gotten an email in which someone lied to me, but with other situations Ive been in this doesnt sound too far off. But I also find this study stupid, all this study does is show that people lie when they are not in front of others. Wow amazing, like nobody knew that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Only two of the blogs had new products mentioned. Ed Brill on IBM, IBM launched a new smart cloud platform for business. I would say what it does but unfortunately i have know idea what it means so here is the Link. Scobleizer, Apple released the MapOmatic. This thing supposedly tells you were people are checked in at places. It is also just a regular map, gives directions and such. Here is the Link. Also there is a new 3D camera: Its 3D!

Each one of these guys have been working with computers for a long time. Each one of them work for a computer company. Only one of them, Robert Scoble, has much of a profile. He says that he is a geek and that he has been building online communities since 1985.

I have not really seen any controversial topic, I would have to go through every old blog they have. Which is kind of ridiculous if i do say so. 

Like with the last question, you really cant see what a persons view on something without looking through every post. Mainly because on these posts they are just relaying information and for the most part they are professional blogs.

SIDE NOTE: The blog for Novell is gone. The guy that was posting didnt seem like he knew his stuff, and hadnt posted anything thing for over a year. Maybe he got fired or something

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ethics & Issues 5-2

I Would not mind monitoring by face recognition. The reason I am ok with this is because it is the same as if police were doing it, but better and more efficient. Not only would a computer be able to know if it found someone that matches a description but it would be able to detect someone better as well. You wouldnt have to worry about a police officer or some other person making a mistake. Also you dont have to worry about something racial coming up because of profiling.

I would like to say that all criminals should be fair game to the face recognition but that might be too much. I would have to say only criminals that are considered a threat. I would rather the criminals that have a history of violence to be target as apposed to other criminals. Not to say that the other types of criminals should get away, but I would rather have they guy that shot a few people to be targeted over the person that stole money.

Honestly if I were mistaken for someone else using this software, It would be one of those "oh well" moments. There is nothing you can do, at least it is trying. I really dont think it would happen, if it did it wouldnt be the idea of face recognition it would just be that specific software/hardware used. I say this mainly because I have a pretty good idea on what goes on with this type of technology.

Now really I have to say something about that article, it is about those people that think that using this type of technology violates their 4th amendment right under the Constitution. Those people are stupid. This technology is basically doing what any other police officer is doing but in a more efficient way like I said in the first paragraph. There is something called the plain view doctrine (which is basically used for evidence but would be the only thing someone could argue if they brought up the 4th amen. in this situation) which says that if something is in plain view and an officer sees it, as long as that officer has the right to be there legally, whatever is in question can be seized. So unless the government is planning on putting these things in peoples houses, there is no violation going on. The fact that the 4th amen. can even be brought up is just the workings of another paranoid person.     

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking the Book

One of the reasons I picked this trend is because it is something I have seen alot of, not just in 2011.  It is useful in alot of ways, one of the obvious things is that you dont have to carry a big book around You will be able to just pull it up on one of your devices. Now is great as that is the other reason i picked this iss because it is one of the trends that I particularly don't like that much. Its cool and all but you will probably need a device like an ipad or something like that to use. Yeah you could use it on your Laptop, but I don't like carrying that around with me. I would rather actually have the book. I own a few virtual things, like downloaded video games, but it doesn't feel as good as actually having a hard copy.

Now regardless of how I feel about this I think that this will become pretty popular, aside from the stooopid 3D trend that I wish would die. I am thinking more on the lines of students. Insted of bring your book to school they will be able to bring it up with an ipad or something. With all of the new tech out I would imagine that it would be easier than ever. Also the reason I believe this will pretty popular is because it is not too ridiculous. When you say, hey you can now bring up whole books on your computer or apple device, someone isn't going to respond like Oh my gawd how did this happen. Its going to be understandable and simple, it is not going to be complicated like some other trends. Everyone will be able to do it

Monday, February 7, 2011


Censorship in any media has always been a concern, rather it be on TV or reading materials. However, with the internet censorship is really non-existent in a sense, mainly because it can be very easily bypassed. The reason for me picking this topic is because I didnt know how I would talk about the other topics and also because in a way censorship is really not a big deal when you consider who you are trying to block out. Censorship on the internet is really just "scouts honor" in that it give you the ability to decide to use it or not. Unless the government gets involved which I highly doubt will happen, arguments about Bill of Rights will be brought about and it will just be a big mess.

The biggest problem with censorship, like I said before, is that it is easy to get around. Yes I think that certain material should be for certain groups but what can you really do to stop them. In my run through the internet when you come to something that is censored, there is going to be an uncensored version right next to it for the most part, and if it is not it is easily found. The only protection that is stopping you is, "Are you old enough to view, Yes/No" or "Enter Your Birth date". You really dont need to be a rocket scientist to crack those codes.

I think banning material in any way, shape, or form is a bad idea. Going back into the past will show what banning something will do. I also dont really think banning can work on the internet because it would be really complicated, and the you have legal matters as well.  The only type of banning that is certain on the internet (and what I approve of) is parental control, which is self-explanatory.    

Monday, January 31, 2011

What I hope to get out of CSI 112 this semester

Unlike most people I am not sure what I want to get out of this class. I would say I would like to know more about computer, but that sounds a little vague. For the most part I have a grasp of most all of the programs on my computer, so it would be interesting to lean about programs that I have not herd about yet. I mean there is only so much that you can learn about Microsoft Office that is actually useful in the things I will be doing. Other than new programs I would like to know more about the insides of a computer, what makes them work. It would be pretty cool to be able to take a computer apart, actually taking it apart isnt that bad, its the putting it back together and getting it to work again. By doing this I would be able to do maintenance on my computer instead of over paying at Best Buy or some place like that. Among all else, the one thing I want to get out of this class the most is a passing grade.