Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ethics & Issues 5-2

I Would not mind monitoring by face recognition. The reason I am ok with this is because it is the same as if police were doing it, but better and more efficient. Not only would a computer be able to know if it found someone that matches a description but it would be able to detect someone better as well. You wouldnt have to worry about a police officer or some other person making a mistake. Also you dont have to worry about something racial coming up because of profiling.

I would like to say that all criminals should be fair game to the face recognition but that might be too much. I would have to say only criminals that are considered a threat. I would rather the criminals that have a history of violence to be target as apposed to other criminals. Not to say that the other types of criminals should get away, but I would rather have they guy that shot a few people to be targeted over the person that stole money.

Honestly if I were mistaken for someone else using this software, It would be one of those "oh well" moments. There is nothing you can do, at least it is trying. I really dont think it would happen, if it did it wouldnt be the idea of face recognition it would just be that specific software/hardware used. I say this mainly because I have a pretty good idea on what goes on with this type of technology.

Now really I have to say something about that article, it is about those people that think that using this type of technology violates their 4th amendment right under the Constitution. Those people are stupid. This technology is basically doing what any other police officer is doing but in a more efficient way like I said in the first paragraph. There is something called the plain view doctrine (which is basically used for evidence but would be the only thing someone could argue if they brought up the 4th amen. in this situation) which says that if something is in plain view and an officer sees it, as long as that officer has the right to be there legally, whatever is in question can be seized. So unless the government is planning on putting these things in peoples houses, there is no violation going on. The fact that the 4th amen. can even be brought up is just the workings of another paranoid person.     

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