Monday, February 7, 2011


Censorship in any media has always been a concern, rather it be on TV or reading materials. However, with the internet censorship is really non-existent in a sense, mainly because it can be very easily bypassed. The reason for me picking this topic is because I didnt know how I would talk about the other topics and also because in a way censorship is really not a big deal when you consider who you are trying to block out. Censorship on the internet is really just "scouts honor" in that it give you the ability to decide to use it or not. Unless the government gets involved which I highly doubt will happen, arguments about Bill of Rights will be brought about and it will just be a big mess.

The biggest problem with censorship, like I said before, is that it is easy to get around. Yes I think that certain material should be for certain groups but what can you really do to stop them. In my run through the internet when you come to something that is censored, there is going to be an uncensored version right next to it for the most part, and if it is not it is easily found. The only protection that is stopping you is, "Are you old enough to view, Yes/No" or "Enter Your Birth date". You really dont need to be a rocket scientist to crack those codes.

I think banning material in any way, shape, or form is a bad idea. Going back into the past will show what banning something will do. I also dont really think banning can work on the internet because it would be really complicated, and the you have legal matters as well.  The only type of banning that is certain on the internet (and what I approve of) is parental control, which is self-explanatory.    

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