Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Does E-Mail Make You Lie More

Yes email does not make me lie more, any online type of communication does. But I dont see why email would make someone lie more, and I never herd of anything like this before.  If i were going to lie to someone I might aswell not even send the email. But thats just me

I dont think readers of email messages should be skeptical. Its unhealthy to think that everyone that is sending you an email is lying. Theres not much to this, people lie regardless if you are going to be so afraid of someone lying to you in an email, you might as well do the same thing in person.

Does this make me reconsider how I interact with others, no. People lie, you deal with people that lie all the time on the internet. To think one more person is going to make a difference is ridiculous. Thats just like asking if you are going to act differently in person if someone lied to you.

Yes I find this whole study to be truthful but just not for email. I have never gotten an email in which someone lied to me, but with other situations Ive been in this doesnt sound too far off. But I also find this study stupid, all this study does is show that people lie when they are not in front of others. Wow amazing, like nobody knew that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Only two of the blogs had new products mentioned. Ed Brill on IBM, IBM launched a new smart cloud platform for business. I would say what it does but unfortunately i have know idea what it means so here is the Link. Scobleizer, Apple released the MapOmatic. This thing supposedly tells you were people are checked in at places. It is also just a regular map, gives directions and such. Here is the Link. Also there is a new 3D camera: Its 3D!

Each one of these guys have been working with computers for a long time. Each one of them work for a computer company. Only one of them, Robert Scoble, has much of a profile. He says that he is a geek and that he has been building online communities since 1985.

I have not really seen any controversial topic, I would have to go through every old blog they have. Which is kind of ridiculous if i do say so. 

Like with the last question, you really cant see what a persons view on something without looking through every post. Mainly because on these posts they are just relaying information and for the most part they are professional blogs.

SIDE NOTE: The blog for Novell is gone. The guy that was posting didnt seem like he knew his stuff, and hadnt posted anything thing for over a year. Maybe he got fired or something