Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking the Book

One of the reasons I picked this trend is because it is something I have seen alot of, not just in 2011.  It is useful in alot of ways, one of the obvious things is that you dont have to carry a big book around You will be able to just pull it up on one of your devices. Now is great as that is the other reason i picked this iss because it is one of the trends that I particularly don't like that much. Its cool and all but you will probably need a device like an ipad or something like that to use. Yeah you could use it on your Laptop, but I don't like carrying that around with me. I would rather actually have the book. I own a few virtual things, like downloaded video games, but it doesn't feel as good as actually having a hard copy.

Now regardless of how I feel about this I think that this will become pretty popular, aside from the stooopid 3D trend that I wish would die. I am thinking more on the lines of students. Insted of bring your book to school they will be able to bring it up with an ipad or something. With all of the new tech out I would imagine that it would be easier than ever. Also the reason I believe this will pretty popular is because it is not too ridiculous. When you say, hey you can now bring up whole books on your computer or apple device, someone isn't going to respond like Oh my gawd how did this happen. Its going to be understandable and simple, it is not going to be complicated like some other trends. Everyone will be able to do it

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  1. I would love to get rid of all my text books with digital copies. On an Ipad I could also store all my regular school files and notes. But I do understand why you want to have hard copies. I think they are a lot more reliable.